Mudra Capital Launches!

Dear Friends,

We are incredibly pleased to announce that after working the last few months in stealth-mode to set up business operations and establish key partnerships for Mudra Capital, we have now officially launched our funds and are open for business. After seeding the funds with initial capital of over $600,000 in April, and successfully testing the investor onboarding process, we have now opened all three funds to accept new subscribers starting May 02, 2022.

From the onset, we had decided that our goal is to provide qualified investors with an accessible entry point and a broad slate of opportunities to invest in digital assets and Web 3.0 technologies. To meet that promise, we have launched the funds with a competitive minimum capital requirement of $50,000 for new subscriptions, and with three thematic funds we will give our investors exposure to the entire spectrum of established and emerging crypto assets.

Mudra Blue Chip Fund

Our fund for active exposure to a diversified mix of frontline digital assets. While the fund’s objective is to hold assets for the long term, it will also actively trade to take advantage of crypto market cycles.

Mudra Value Fund

Our fund for active exposure to currently undervalued digital assets that are laying the foundation for Web 3.0 and are likely to outperform in the future. By investing early in these assets, the fund is looking at high degree of growth in the long term.

Mudra Metaverse & Gaming Fund

Our fund for active exposure to currently the most promising area in Web 3.0. With Metaverse, gaming, and NFTs growing at a tremendous speed, the fund will invest in digital assets that, over time, will form the foundation for this emerging sector.

As crypto grows, we believe everyone should have a reliable way to access it — a way that is expertly designed, clearly explained, and professionally managed. We could not be more thrilled to launch Mudra Capital as our way of helping people invest with confidence in digital assets that will power the new Web 3.0 economy. It is now time to spread the word to other qualified investors looking for diversification into crypto. The future is here, let’s help people invest in it!

We would like to take this moment to also express our deepest gratitude to early investors. We really appreciate your support, which has helped us take Mudra Capital from an idea to reality. Congratulations to all of you in the Mudra family on the launch of our funds.

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