Crypto Legislation on the Horizon

Europe’s Landmark Crypto Legislation The European Union has been working on a comprehensive digital asset legislation for several years. After initial agreement on the text of the legislation in June 2022, the full 380-page legal framework called MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) has now been finalized by EU policymakers. MiCA is a landmark legislation, as it is the …

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FTX Collapse & Mudra Insights

The FTX Collapse The biggest story in crypto over the last month is once again a hard lesson in how opacity, centralization, and human greed lead to disastrous outcomes. The series of events that culminated in the collapse of FTX started with a CoinDesk Report in early November. CoinDesk revealed that a large portion of the balance …

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Ethereum and the Future of Crypto

Crypto’s Pivotal Moment On September 6th, 2022, Ethereum, the world’s largest and most popular public blockchain, deployed a long-awaited upgrade to its main network. This upgrade, called “The Merge”, has been many years in the making. The merge will migrate Ethereum from its currently energy intensive crypto-mining based “Proof of Work” consensus mechanism to a …

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Partnerships and Outreach

Turning Markets After a rough Q2 that saw massive crypto market drawdowns, forced liquidations and bankruptcies in the face of unprecedented macro headwinds, Russia-Ukraine War and sharp federal interest rate rises, things are finally beginning to stabilize in the cryptoverse. Larger crypto players, like FTX and Binance, have been coming to bailout struggling companies and …

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Looking Ahead

Dot Com Redux In the last two months, the economic climate, interest rate policy, and geopolitical factors have weighed heavily on the crypto markets. The sharp interest rate hike has caused a recessionary shock to global markets at large, and crypto has been no exception. The perfect storm of war in Europe, runaway inflation, supply …

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Mudra Capital Launches!

Dear Friends, We are incredibly pleased to announce that after working the last few months in stealth-mode to set up business operations and establish key partnerships for Mudra Capital, we have now officially launched our funds and are open for business. After seeding the funds with initial capital of over $600,000 in April, and successfully …

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